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Kim presents to a variety of audiences on a variety of topics, find out what people are saying....

"No one could do it better!"

"It was the best!! Thanks Kim!! Wish everyone could experience this leadership conference!"

"Thank you for your energy and for sharing your time with us. I am truly blessed for having met you."

"You are a true inspiration."

"You were great; I learned a lot!"

"You continue to inspire many to improve in life."

"Thank you for educating us. This is vital information. I wish more leaders in our school could hear."

"I really enjoyed your sessions! I learned a lot of skills that I cannot wait to utilize on my campus."

"You talks have really pushed me and made me want to succeed!"

"Thank you for being a great leader. I want to work as a youth counselor one day also. Thank you for being an example to follow. You're Awesome!"

"Thank you for guiding us through this retreat. You have an amazing gift.... I am very glad our paths have crossed."

"I had a ton of fun in your workshop and learned new things."

"You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Your level of commitment to the community and church is to be admired."

"You are always looking out for everyone's best interest. Thank you for caring."

"Yes, I'm going to say it one more time - 'you did a great job!' You really kept the kids engaged and interested!"

"You motivate me to get out of my comfort zone."

"I learned a lot from you and I will put all my skills to work."

"Your message really really touched all of us - we can all relate!"

"Kim, you are full of the Holy Spirit and such a joyful person."

"Thank you so much! We really have learned so much from you. I wish I had had your wisdom before I started this year as President."

"Your talk was awesome and again very heartwarming."

"Thank you very much for your most excellent presentation at the TAVNE (Texas Association of Vocational Nurse Educators) conference last week. The presentation was not only timely and greatly needed, but you did such an excellent job of engaging the participants."

"Kim Brown is the most inspiring person I have ever met."

"I love your zeal and your servant spirit."

"You have been a huge help in shaping so many lives!"

"Thank you so much for the workshop. I will contact you to schedule another one."

"I love your sense of humor. Thank you for bringing joy to our group. You are gifted at helping others to relax and feel comfortable."

"You are such a joy and delight. Your faithfulness, steadfastness, and wanting to follow God's will touch me deeply."

"I can't say it enough - you're awesome! You have done such a beautiful job - Thank You!

"Well done my good and FAITHFUL servant!! Your testimony was the light I have been seeking!"

"Kim is very funny and has lots of experience in leadership and activities."

"Having observed Kim's natural gifts as a motivator of others has been nothing short of fantastic over the number of years I have had the fortune of partnering with her. Very few leaders can do what Kim does so naturally when it comes to inspiring a very large and diverse number of individuals towards contributing the best that they have to offer. Kim's personal values as it relates to work ethic, dedication, and integrity are unsurpassed by any of the thousands of leaders I have had the fortune of coaching over twenty years."

Customer Reviews for Spiritual Lessons along the Camino:

“Kim's story and reflections on her experiences are truly inspirational and thought-provoking.”

"Can't believe I couldn't wait to continue reading a religious book."

“Not only was this book a description of the challenges and joys experienced on the author's pilgrimage on The Way, but Kim Brown very clearly and powerfully drew connections to our day to day lives that we can all relate to... whether on a pilgrimage or in our daily faith journey. The daily lessons are written in a friendly, easy-to-read style. I found the lessons, the scripture meditations, and the reflection questions to be very relevant in today's world.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this spiritual journey. Loved the format Kim used for connecting her experiences to bible passages and posing questions to consider in our own lives.”

“I liked the book so much that after I read it I gave it to my wife and she and a group of her friends meet weekly to read a lesson a share their thoughts.”

“Kim's storytelling abilities are extraordinary. She has the ability to make you think that you're on the walk right along with her.”

“I have read the book several times and find new inspiration each time I read it.”